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Stephanie Marcum

Why this blog? 

Who doesn't like a good story? I think most people who have ever been foot zoned have done so because of a story. Stories are a powerful way to learn about things that may be foreign to us, and can help us have faith to try something new.

I attended BYU-Hawaii and studied International Cultural Studies. In one of my classes I learned how narratives or stories give us deep insight into groups of people. I always thought a story was just a story, but as I pondered the implication of stories, I came to realized how powerful a story really is. I thought about how hard it was to explain the complexity of how foot zoning works, but how easy it was to tell people a story about how foot zoning has affected me or those I love. During that class I became determined to create a place that stories could be shared, allowing more people to understand what foot zone therapy is, and how it has blessed so many.

At first I just felt the need to create the blog. Later on the writings of some cultural anthropologists helped me understand why. (I apologize if I get too academic here) I read the works Mary Field Belenky, Blythe McVicker Clinchy, Nancy Rule Goldberger, and Jill Mattuck Tarule, who published a book called "Women's Ways of Knowing: The Development of Self, Voice, and Mind". These four scholars found that women often seek to understand the stories of others before claiming to know something. Women can then make more accurate judgements based on knowledge as well as intuition. Their theories rang true as I thought about the many women learners I have taught over the years. I know not all those interested in foot zoning are women, but they are definitely in the majority. I have often wondered why? I now believe it is because the foot zone cannot be completely understood on a rational level (men, hehe). The foot zone is best understood through experience and stories. I wanted a place where we, as women and men (many men do believe, like my husband), can share experiences that will enrich and provide understanding. I hope this blog will provide the stories you need to love foot zoning as I do.

I hope this blog will provide the stories you need to love foot zoning as I do, ... and help foot zoners remember the gift they have and inspire them to continue doing the work that is so greatly needed in the world.

This blog is not just for those investigating foot zone therapy. I wanted this blog to encourage already practicing healers. I am also passionate about teaching foot zone therapy. It has been such a joyful experience to watch families become self-reliant in their health through learning this technique. But, I understand that while foot zoning has many highs, it can sometimes become just another task to do. My hope is that the stories told on this blog will help foot zoners remember the gift they have and inspire them to continue doing the work that is so greatly needed in the world. 


Stephanie Marcum