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The Infection That Couldn’t Be Found

The Infection That Couldn’t Be Found

Heidi came to me because she was constantly sick. The doctors were always prescribing antibiotics. Every time she’d finish taking a round of them, she would to go back to the same place she was before taking them. Her blood work showed high numbers for infection but no one could pinpoint where it was coming from.

As I worked on…Continue Reading

Low Vitamin D Levels

I received this fun story from one of my clients, Dorothy Kuulie Lien. Hope you enjoy it too:

Aloha Stephanie!  Can’t wait to return home to Hawaii for my next session with you.  My foot zoning session revealed I was  low in Vitamin D.   My Doctor found that to be true in my…Continue Reading

Lyme’s and Hashimoto’s At Bay

I had a client who was suffering from Lyme’s disease and Hashimoto’s disease. She was barely functioning and her quality of life was very minimal. She had never had a foot zone done before and decided to give it try. After her first foot zone, she found a sense of hope for the first time…Continue Reading