Low Vitamin D Levels

I received this fun story from one of my clients, Dorothy Kuulie Lien. Hope you enjoy it too:

Aloha Stephanie!  Can’t wait to return home to Hawaii for my next session with you.  My foot zoning session revealed I was  low in Vitamin D.   My Doctor found that to be true in my blood work.  I had symptoms of fatigue, some confusion, and forgetfulness, and found a low Vitamin D level can be the cause. I’m increasing my daily dose, exercising, and looking forward to my next Foot Zoning session with you. 


I’m first a Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother of 9…(yikes!). I was born in Hawaii, but moved to California when Pearl Harbor was bombed. Raised in California, moved home to Hawaii for a number of years, married and moved back to California. My grandaughter introduced me to Stephanie my last trip home who introduced me to Foot Zoning.