The Infection That Couldn’t Be Found

The Infection That Couldn’t Be Found

Heidi came to me because she was constantly sick. The doctors were always prescribing antibiotics. Every time she’d finish taking a round of them, she would to go back to the same place she was before taking them. Her blood work showed high numbers for infection but no one could pinpoint where it was coming from.

As I worked on her, the teeth signal felt really off in the wisdom tooth area. I asked if she had her wisdom teeth removed and she said she had, but it was years ago when she was young. After working the entire foot zone, the signals seemed to point to an infection in wisdom tooth area. You could also see a slight physical discoloration on her check where that wisdom tooth used to be.

She felt better for a few days after the foot zone, but then went back to feeling sick again. After a few weeks of getting foot zoned, she felt like she should pursue a possible “cavitation” in her gums that might be causing the infection. Heidi went to dentists and had X-rays of every kind. Nothing came up. So, she went to a medical doctor that did a CAT Scan and an MRI. Neither scan came back with any issues.

So, I just continued to foot zone her. As she looked at all her options, we both felt like there was infection caught in her gums. It is difficult to drain an infection in the gums naturally, as there is really no place for the infection to go. The only way I had seen cavitations heal successfully was for a surgeon to open up and clean out the infected area. Unfortunately, she could not convince any dentist to agree to do such a procedure due to the Cat Scan and MRI results.

Finally months later, her boss, who was an orthodontist, believed her. So, he called his brother, a dentist, and asked for a favor. This dentist agreed to help Heidi even though he thought it a bit crazy. The dentist had her in the chair and told her that he was certain nothing was wrong and that all of this was a pain and a hassle. He quickly changed his story after he cut her open. and found black tissue in the area of the wisdom tooth. He was shocked. He then proceeded to clean out all the dead tissue and infection.

Thankfully, shortly after the procedure, Heidi began to feel better. The infection was gone.